What Makes People Attractive

1. Smells

In general, some people's fragrances are more alluring than others.

2. Diet

It’s been established that guys who have a diet heavy in fresh vegetables smell more desirable to women.

3. Health

People often smell better when they are healthy.

4. Importance of kissing

However, since humans generally have a weak sense of smell, kissing has significant psychological significance.

5. Immune systems

We are drawn to folks with various immune systems.

6. Men with low voices

Lower voice might be a sign of greater size and potential for better wilderness survival.

7. "Feel good chemicals"

We feel good around people because of these "feel good hormones," which elicit emotions of security, cosiness, and comfort.

8. Quality time

Physical contact also has a tendency to hasten the process (where it is welcomed, of course).

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