Queen's Health Fears Could Unstabilize the Country

1 The Queen Is Not Attending the Event "For Her Comfort"

According to royal sources, the Queen's decision to skip the event was made "for her comfort." Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, will take her place instead.

2 Angela Levin Believes It Is Time for Her to Step Away

Angela Levin, a royal authority, thinks it's time for Prince Charles to be installed as the Queen's regent. She lavishly praises the Queen, yet she feels it is time for her to relinquish authority.

3 Her Health Is Unpredictable

"She has been amazing, in my opinion, and she is a remarkable woman. I truly believe in the monarchy, and I greatly admire her "During a guest appearance on the Jeremy Vine show, she added.

4 It "Unstables" the Country

She feels that the UK is in risk due to her uncertain health and impromptu cancellations.

5 Prince Charles Could Be a Regent