MS Dhoni Net Worth

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a net worth of $180 million.

He is the current captain of the Indian national cricket team and a former player for India.

Throughout his career, Dhoni rose to the position of captain for the Indian national side, guiding India to a number of significant triumphs.

These included the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, the 2010 Asia Cup, the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, and the 2007 ICC World Twenty20.

"MS Dhoni" is a common abbreviation for his name.

Dhoni amassed more over 10,000 runs throughout his playing career, being among the top One Day International run scorers.

In ODI cricket, he was also the first wicketkeeper to complete 100 successful stumpings.

Mahendra is still regarded as one of the finest leaders and wicket-keeper batters of all time.

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