How to Lock Cells in Excel

You've put a lot of effort into your spreadsheet, so you want to stop anyone with whom you share it from accidentally changing any of the cells. To do this, you must learn how to lock cells in Excel.

Thankfully, you can lock cells in Microsoft Excel 2016 and prior versions.

All of the cells will be locked by default when you protect cells in a sheet or worksheet.

There are a total of four steps to lock cells in Excel.

How to Secure Particular Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet let’s get started.

1. Choose all of the cells you don't want to be locked. These particular cells will be editable even after the sheet has been protected.

2. After making your choice, right-click it, choose Format Cells, and then select the Protection tab.

3. Uncheck "Locked" and click OK.

4. To protect the sheet, select Review > Protect Sheet and then click OK.