How Much Does Justin Bieber Make Per Instagram Post?

Justin Bieber became an instant teenage heart-throb when he broke into the pop scene at the tender age of thirteen, winning the hearts of millions of adoring fans around the world.

His number-one single, Baby, propelled him to fame and left his fans begging for more.

Since this time in 2009, Bieber has gone on to experience unprecedented levels of success.

He has started sold-out world tours and frequently appears onstage in front of hordes of awestruck admirers.

What Is Justin Bieber's Net Worth

Justin Bieber has a staggering net worth of $285 million, with an average yearly salary of around $80 million.

How Much Does Justin Bieber Make Per Sponsored Instagram Post

Despite being so young when he first appeared on the scene, Justin Bieber has left his stamp on the music business.

His estimated range for the average cost of each sponsored Instagram post is between $469,820 and $783,033.