How Big Is Joe Biden's Social Security Check

The Bidens reported $54,665 in Social Security income last year, or around $4,555 per month.

Even accounting for the $4,555 number represents Joe and Jill's combined monthly payout.

This amount is still far higher than the average retired worker receives in Social Security benefits.

In addition, the 2023 inflation rate is expected to be higher than it has ever been, at 9.1% in June.

High earners face a Social Security payout cap.

On the one hand, compared to the typical Social Security check given to retired workers, $54,665 ($4,555/mo.) is a considerable sum of money to receive annually.

But things appear a little different when compared to the Bidens' collective earning history.

Chances are you're going to pay tax on your Social Security benefit.

Next to the amount of reported Social Security payments on Joe and Jill Biden's most recent federal tax return is the other notable statistic.

$46,465 in taxable Social Security income is shown on line 6b.