The first trailer for Clinton and her daughter Chelsea's "Gutsy" documentary for Apple TV+ was made available on August 24.

According to the Apple TV+ logline, the upcoming project follows the two as they tour the globe in search of the "boldest and bravest women."

Clinton competes against "The Kardashians" star in the teaser trailer's legal quiz, which the latter won.

"Kim has an unfair edge, in my opinion. Compared to you, Kim has studied more lately "Speaking is Chelsea.

Some people might not be surprised by Kardashian's victory because the reality star has been training to be an attorney since 2019.

She failed the "the baby bar" three times before finally passing it at the end of 2021.

In an interview with People before the September 9 "Gusty" premiere, the Clintons lauded Kardashian's legal career.

The former secretary of state told the news organisation, "She worked so hard (on the bar) and persisted."

Being wise and considerate about when, where, and how she interacts was very amazing to us, Chelsea continued.

"She's extremely self-aware that her notoriety may make a difference positively and where it may make a negative effect.