Food Stamps: What Is the Most Money You Can Make To Qualify?

When the epidemic turned the tide and increased enrollment in America's greatest food-security programme to 41.5 million in 2021, that trend was abandoned.

Understanding ‘Income’ as It Pertains to SNAP

The USDA has minimum requirements for two types of income: gross income and net income. Most families must meet the eligibility requirements for both in order to receive assistance.

Income Eligibility Limits By Household Size

Here are the SNAP eligibility income thresholds for households in the 48 contiguous states as of September 30. While net monthly income only covers 100% of poverty, gross monthly income covers 130% of it.

The Limits Are Higher in Alaska and Hawaii

In Hawaii, the annual income thresholds for households with one recipient range from $20,318 to $69,732. This amounts to roughly $1,69 to $5,811 per month. Each extra person costs $7,059 per year after that.

The Bar Is Lower for Especially Vulnerable Households

Most candidates are permitted to have up to $2,500 in "countable resources" (assets like cash or money in the bank), as described by the USDA. However, the cap rises to $3,750 if a household member is incapacitated or at least 60 years old.