7+ Excel Tricks to Master Spreadsheets

1. To access all the information in the column below, click on the first cell you wish to choose, hold down Ctrl+Shift, and then use either the down arrow.

2. Select the data, then select Text to Columns from the Data tab's (top) menu.

3. To paste the information in a new orientation, copy it, choose Paste Special, check the Transpose box, and click OK.

4. Go to a cell on a new worksheet in the spreadsheet and enter the formula =sum('Y1:Y10'!B3).

5. Hide may be chosen by right-clicking the bottom sheet tab.

6. Go to the File tab, choose Options, choose Customize Ribbon, check Developers in the Main Tabs box, and then click OK.

7. If you want Excel to choose the best type of pivot table for you, use the Recommended PivotTables option.

8. Click on the Quick Analysis box that appears on the bottom right after selecting the data.

– Inserts today's date with Ctrl+;. – Ctrl+Shift+#—Modifies a date's format. – Strikes through the text in a cell with Ctrl+5. – Pressing Ctrl+0 conceals the current column.