After he "refused to share" a $3.6 million lottery win, sons smash their father's vehicles with hammers.

This summer, lotteries have made significant news on both sides of the Atlantic 

because to the record-breaking $1 billion Mega Millions prize that was eventually claimed in the United States.

 In the UK, it's because a guy said that when their relationship ended, his girlfriend cut him off from their $4 million lottery winnings. 

It is hardly the first instance of a lottery win causing a family argument.

"We ended up taking hammers to his two new 4×4 Shoguns," said Alex Robertson, Jr. 

"At eleven o'clock at night, we approached his driveway and pounded the car's windows with two claw hammers.

We then went to the police and reported ourselves."

The junior Robertson told the Sun, "This lotto victory was the worst thing that ever happened to us; it tore our families apart. 

William, their 44-year-old brother, was accused of sending their father threatening texts while tormenting him.